14 January 2009

Ritz La Casa // Logo Design // 2009

The Logo of Italian Food.
The location is in Bandung.

6 January 2009

FP // Product // 2009

Faber-Castell FP has been launched in Singapore in 2009.
The top image is the blister of inkpad FP set of three and the bottom is FP Book Set.

Colouring Memory Game // Product // 2008

Top: Colouring Memory Game is a set of the connector pens and memory cards for childern aged over 3 years old for 2-4 players.
Below: Three samples of Colouring Memory Cards.

24 November 2008

UHU // Packaging // 2008

UHU Packaging for Singapore market.

Image Light Box // Promotion // 2008

Image Light box @ GIANT TAMPINES Carpark Singapore.
It is a packaging design of Watercolor Pencil: Pencil Turns to Paint.

Marina Bay // Photography // 2008

This is my first time taking photo in night time....
Great colors, great city....

29 August 2008

Conic Pen // Packaging // 2008

The Packaging contains the insertion of a stylish "CONIC" pen in silver or black wrapped in a wallet plastic.

28 August 2008

Pictogram // Illustration // 2008

These pictograms above are intended for Faber-Castell catalogue and packaging.

25 August 2008

Thumbnails Faber-Castell // Brand // 2008

Sample of my artworks made for Faber-Castell (Playing and Learning).

Thumbnails Faber-Castell // Brand // 2008

Some of my artworks for Faber-Castell (General Purposes Writing Stationery).

Red // Photography // 2008

The first impression when I see this plant is woww, so red and sharp.

Golden Ant // Photography // 2008

I took this picture in the morning and the light reflection of the ant's stomach looked brilliant.

21 August 2008

Motif Pencil // Product // 2008

Artistic patterns of pencils derived from jaguar and peacock skin motifs

20 August 2008

UHU // Packaging and Promotion // 2008

UHU Packaging and Promotion for Indonesia market.

Butterfly // Photography // 2008

The picture was taken in Sukabumi, West-Java, Indonesia.

6 May 2008

SunRise in Padang // Photography // 2008

When I took a night walk along Siti Nurbaya Hill in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia; I saw this wonderful view. I didn't waste that moment and used my Pocket Camera to catch the view. Because I only used amateur camera, I had it retouched to fix the colour.

1 April 2008

Warrior: Ethnic Style // Illustration // 2008

The picture illustrates a warrior in ethnic-style illustration.
Parts of the illustration:
1. shield
2. armor
3. weapon
4. warrior
5. arrow to symbolize a brave heart

31 March 2008

F1: McLaren Mercedes // Illustration // 2008

Lewis Hamilton and McLaren are outstanding. I particularly like the design and colour of Mclaren Mercedes MP4-23, a combination of silver and red, in which I'm a big fan. In this illustration, I intentionally don't reveal the colours, rather, emphasizing on a very detailed outline.

2007 Motorcycles VRSCW V-ROD // Illustration // 2008

I can't ride Harley Davidson, it's too big and heavy for me! But I really admire the design of every part: the body, the machine, tire, paint, etc. Year by year, the bike becomes better and better and modern as well, yet it retains its classical style. Overall, I verdict the vehicle is sophisticated.

Animal: Ethnic Style // Illustration // 2008

The illustration is a blend of animal and ethnic style in natural colours.

Shiny Disco Pencil // Illustration // 2008

The idea of the skin design came from one of my favorite music, Shiny Disco Balls from Daft Punk.

23 January 2008

Schonheit, die sich verwandelt // Photography // 2008

One more expensive and luxury pen photography.

Inglenook // Photography // 2008

Usually, wine bottles have different unique designs and Inglenook is one of them.

Van Tomiko // Illustration // 2007

Van Tomiko is the singer of Do as Infinity, a famous band from Japan. She has wonderful voice, beautiful and stylish. The album of Do as Infinity also includes many very good songs. Thousand applauses for her...
I've done this illustration with so many energy and time especially with the hair. There are 4 different colors and thousand points of the path just for the hair.

Ambition Cocos // Photography // 2007

To put emphasis on the luxury ad expensive image of this pen, it requires very serious attention to details and retouching.

ADIDAS Moves // Photography // 2007

Adidas logo of this perfume is made to synchroize with the bottle shape and cap. I don't find any difficulties on retouching, because it already has a very good shape and material finishing.

Fly In Your Eyes // Photography // 2007

I am so proud of taking this picture, why? It's so hard to take a close-up of this fly. It is extremely sensitive to any movement, yet I need to focus to its eye... and a little shake of my hand could fail it.

The last touch was how to made the photo looks artistic and Mr. Siddiq has done it very well.